Rashida Williams

Rashida Williams- The Glam Doctor



Rashida Williams, founder and CEO of The Glam Doctor, is an award winning make-up artist,
educator, mentor, and public speaker who transforms lives by unlocking inner beauty. Her
professionalism, skill, and exceptional service have caused her to become a sought-after rising
star in the beauty industry.
Rashida began her journey as a make-up artist in 2001. By 2006, her clientele had grown
significantly and she discovered the need to expand her reach. She became known as “The
Glam Doctor”. Her reputation preceded her and up-and- coming make-up artists sought after
her expertise and experience. By 2013, she had mentored and assembled a strong team of
dedicated artists, known as the Glam R Us team, and became a full time make-up artist and
business owner.
Since then, The Glam Doctor has serviced an expansive and diverse national client list that
ranges from celebrities to entrepreneurs to homemakers. Her experience includes, but is not
limited to, weddings, proms, film, TV, stage, and professional photo shoots. In 2017, she once
again forged new territory by launching two new arms of the business: the Glam R Us team in
Atlanta (a mobile make-up and hair team) and the Glam Doctor Studio (her home base and
make-up studio in metro Detroit).
Not neglecting her love for her community and her desire to see women empowered, Rashida
created I AM SUPERB – a community outreach program designed to bolster confidence and
self-esteem in young women. Additionally, her beauty institute provides instruction and
mentorship not only for emerging artists, but offers classes to help every day women release
their inner glam.

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