Kimberly Dobine

Kimberly M. Dobine

Kimberly M. Dobine is the experiential visionary, purpose-driven event producer, moderator and
lifestyle brand curator redefining what it means to be popular in her daily strides. An impact
architect in her own right, Kimberly is an executor of all things womanhood, media and beauty
as owner of Posh and Popular LLC and founder of The Fashion and Beauty Summit and the
P.O.S.H.and Popular Foundation.
An unapologetic creator and trailblazer of elaborative experiences, Kimberly operates from a
limitless mindset to consistently unite and celebrate her fellow women of Detroit and beyond. It
is through her diverse endeavors that Kimberly consciously crafts new ways to nurture beautiful
moments in the lives of others and exemplifies popularity through genuine connection. Bringing
forth leading women across industries and backgrounds, the annual Fashion and Beauty
Summit is Kimberly’s mission in action, serving as a unified front for women to embrace
themselves and each other, authentically and powerfully. With unwavering pride in the many
talents of Detroit women, Kimberly originates and creatively directs events unlike any other; her
way of not only telling, but showcasing her appreciation for all women who walk boldly in their
Since its inception in 2013, Posh and Popular has evolved into an international and
multidimensional brand allowing Kimberly to serve women immeasurably. An originator within
the blogging industry, Kimberly has transformed what began as a fashion blog for sharing tips
with friends, into the immersive platform which thrives today. Merging her affinity and expertise
in beauty and styling, the Posh and Popular Beauty Concierge has driven Kimberly to execute
all-encompassing beauty activations for women throughout Detroit. Since launching concierge
services, Kimberly has directed comprehensive events for women of Fortune 500 companies
including General Motors. She continually provides opportunities for emerging stylists, makeup
artists and cosmetologists to display their skill sets and earn recognition.
Inspired by the powerful transformation of one of her closest friends who emerged from
incarceration to successful entrepreneurship, Kimberly launched the P.O.S.H. and Popular
Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting women who are transitioning from
prison and domestic abuse circumstances. Providing them with essential resources and
support, Kimberly pushes past challenges to help these resilient women re-acclimate to life and
set their aims higher toward becoming business owners in the fashion and beauty space.
Kimberly combines grace, grit and faith to inspire others to do the same. Understanding all too
well the consequences of being crippled by fear, she charges forward in her servitude and
remains steadfast on her journey of becoming a respected figure of impact. Kimberly  is taking
Posh and Popular to new realms with the launch of the Fashion and Beauty Collective, a
monthly membership program for women’s continuous support and connection. Forging her
own path in multifaceted womanhood, empowerment, and creative manifestation, Kimberly
Dobine is changing the face of what is popular in the lifestyle space.
Kimberly is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a graduate of Alabama A & M
University, wife and mother to Lourdes, her daughter, who she lives to inspire daily.

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