Desiree M. Mattox

 Desiree M. Mattox – The Glam Scientist


Desiree M. Mattox – The Glam Scientist – is a Cosmetic Chemist and Beauty Strategist that develops high end beauty products and facilitates the growth of iconic beauty brands.  As an expert cosmetic formulator, Desiree specializes in natural and organic formulations for the prestige beauty market. Since beginning her entrepreneurial career as a cosmetic chemist in 2009, Desiree has successfully developed beauty products and consulted for beauty brands that are sold in over 20 international markets included several European countries, Japan and Mexico. Desiree’s clients have placement in the coveted Birchbox, Glossybox,  Whole Foods, Target, Sephora and a host of online retailers and independent brick and mortar stores for thousands to experience.  Desiree is driven by her love of chemistry, all things beauty and a strong desire to see the underdog rise above a market full of giants.
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