Carla P. Yarbrough

Strategic Planner and Motivational Speaker

Carla P. Yarbrough is a strategic planner and motivational speaker. She is the creator of a strategic
planning program developed specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her
program makes the strategic planning process simple and offers a model that can be repeated as
the business owner expands. As a public speaker, Carla P. Yarbrough has addressed audiences at
home and abroad on a range of topics from finding and walking out one’s purpose to scaling your
business and building a quality team. When hosting a conference or corporate event one of the
major goals is to give participants the most enjoyable, information packed experiences possible,
with a focus on the enjoyable experience. As a speaker, Carla P. Yarbrough delivers her message
through comical, real life stories, music, and slides while presenting statistical information taken
from government research, sociological experts and business research. Although she is not a
preacher and does not quote Bible scripture and verse, Carla P. Yarbrough does use biblical
principles as the bases for her message of strategic planning and purpose just as other speakers
may use the principles of Plato and Aristotle. Carla P. Yarbrough’s life calling to help others be
successful is fortified by her earned Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in
Human and Social Service Administration.

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