Brandi Taylor

Brandi Taylor is an accomplished makeup artist with experience in all aspects of makeup artistry, including fashion, video and print. As CEO of XquisiteLooks Makeup Artistry, her education, coupled with professionalism, gives her clients a dependable, organized and detailed-oriented delivery every time.

Brandi’s diverse background and experience creates an exceptional style accredited only to her and her creativity. Her innate ability to bring out the best in others is unmatched. Because of this, Brandi is now a highly-sought after speaker and educator. The Detroit native is a 2007 graduate from Michigan College of Beauty Esthetician program. Her workshops are a must for those serious about a career in the beauty industry.

Brandi founded the Detroit Business & Beauty Expo in 2017. This event is held annually in October. She has a passion for beauty and business, and she strives to impact the beauty industry. Providing business tools, trainings and resources to beauty professionals. She recently launched the Business Beauty Network Podcast.

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